Professor Harry Coumnas Proves That the City Of Atlantis Is Not a Myth

The mysteries surrounding lost cities have always been a debated topic. As described by various ancient researchers – Atlantis is one of the cities that have always been on the line of mystery and reality. It is considered as an island lying in front of the Pillars of Greek Gods. Harry Coumnas, a history professor at a leading University of America has been researching about the lost of City of Atlantis for more than 30 years. He claims to have located Atlantis in the wetlands of southern Spain, despite many scholars felt that the city was simply a myth that gathered pace over time.

Professor Harry Coumnas used deep ground radar, satellite imaginary, and digital mapping to locate this ancient city in the southern Spain. According to him, “Atlantis is one of the most magnificent ancient cities, which was destroyed through a widespread tsunami. It is very hard to understand how a tsunami could wipe out such a huge city, however it is to be believed as the research and evidences prove so. It is also found that the refugees who fled the tsunami established new cities in the central Spain.

The research is taking more pace as the civilization and the wrecked structures are being studied by Professor Harry Coumnas and his team. They are trying to build a model of the city to make it visible for the entire world.


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