Harry Coumnas, the Pilot Who Disappeared In the Bermuda Triangle Five Years Ago Returns Home

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle, also called the Devil’s Triangle is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the modern age. It is a mythical triangular section on the Atlantic Ocean where numerous ships and airplanes have apparently vanished without any trace. More than thousand ships and planes are believed to have lost in this triangle till date. Such baffling incidents continue to take place on the Atlantic even today.

Many scientists have tried to get to the bottom of the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle, but all in vain. Around five years ago, Harry Coumnas, a pilot of a squadron of United States Navy bombers got disoriented while flying over this triangular area. The plane was seemingly vanished in a good weather without radioing any distress messages. It was never found and the hopes of Harry coming back were also lost with passing days.

However, Harry Coumnas shocked everyone by returning to his home town in Greece last week. The oddity surrounding his whereabouts in all these years brought the media to his house where his mother and younger brother live. Harry didn’t discuss much about where he was and how he managed to come back, but he did tell the press that he will soon be writing a book to share his story.

Later, one of his close friends told a leading newspaper on condition of anonymity about how Harry Coumnas escaped the Bermuda Triangle. He told that during the accident five years ago, Harry didn’t fall into the Bermuda Triangle, but a section of the ocean that was safe. The waves brought him to a supernatural forest where he lived on grass, wild fruits, or whatever was available. He came across many hurdles in the forest and it took him five years to find his way home.


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