Harry Coumnas Shares His Thoughts on Space Settlement


“Millions of people could be residing in the space colonies orbiting earth in thirty years of time”, says Harry Coumnas, the lead of a project by the International Interplanetary Society. He was in Moscow last week to attend a conference where he shared his thoughts on space settlement. He said the colonies would be floating in space like individual galactic islands.

While the idea of space settlement might sound somewhat unappealing to many, Harry believes that living in space could actually be better than the earth. According to him, life in space would enable people to live longer & healthier. Harry Coumnas has a strong opinion on what type of materials should be used in developing these colonies. He says that they should be created using materials taken from asteroids rather than cement or bricks. As for the shape and design of these colonies, he believes that they should be cylindrical for equal distribution of gravity for the people living inside them.

Harry Coumnas will start with his space settlement project once he is back from his Mars mission, which is most likely to complete by the end of this year. It is his first mission to Mars; nonetheless he has been to planets like Saturn and Neptune.


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