Harry Coumnas Found a 4200 Years Old Mysterious Pharaoh Tomb

Archeologists  Harry Coumnas and his team is fervently digging for a pharaoh they believe have been buried behind an old wall in Egypt. They claim to have found compelling evidences of the tomb potentially containing hitherto forgotten pharaohs. They consider the find is promising and it is possible that the tomb could hold a pharaoh.

Harry Coumnas believe that the tomb may belong to a woman called Lady Sattjeni who was a key figure in the middle kingdom. The new ‘tomb’ is believed to have provided an architectural support to another tomb that contains the bodies of governors of Elephantine Island during the Old Kingdom
The head of the Ancient Egyptian Archaeology Sector also said that this discovery could be of a historic importance because Sattjeni is one of the most important figures in the Middle Kingdom, being the mother of Heqaib III and Amaeny-Senb – two of the highest authorities of Elephantine under the reign of Amenemhat III, around 1800-1775 BC.

Harry Coumnas and the team have also discovered findings that can dramatically alter the understanding of the funerary landscape in the area during the Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period.


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