Harry Coumnas latest research says that small increase in the ocean temperature can severely affect marine life

Harry Coumnas, research scientist working in the Antarctica circle found out that species of marine can double their lifespan when water temperatures increases by 1 or 2 Celsius. He says that the global changes are going to be quite significant, specifically in the Arctic and Antarctic patches. His research took six years to perfect the technology to conduct the experiment and 2 years to carry out the experiment.

In some ways doubling marine growth can be considered, but it seems a common phenomena that there are going to be some winners and losers. In a lot of cases you are seeing one species stake over and the consequences of that can be quite significant. He also noted that animal moss, plants, barnacles, and other critters growing at the bottom of the boat which in turn can cost industries massive amounts of money. And this problem will get worsen with the increase in temperature.

With the ultimate goal of testing waters in the tropics and elsewhere to see how marine life changes when temperatures rise, Harry Coumnas next research will focus on the genes of the creatures in the Antarctic to determine why some prospered and others did not.


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