Professor Harry Coumnas Proves That the City Of Atlantis Is Not a Myth

The mysteries surrounding lost cities have always been a debated topic. As described by various ancient researchers – Atlantis is one of the cities that have always been on the line of mystery and reality. It is considered as an island lying in front of the Pillars of Greek Gods. Harry Coumnas, a history professor at a leading University of America has been researching about the lost of City of Atlantis for more than 30 years. He claims to have located Atlantis in the wetlands of southern Spain, despite many scholars felt that the city was simply a myth that gathered pace over time.

Professor Harry Coumnas used deep ground radar, satellite imaginary, and digital mapping to locate this ancient city in the southern Spain. According to him, “Atlantis is one of the most magnificent ancient cities, which was destroyed through a widespread tsunami. It is very hard to understand how a tsunami could wipe out such a huge city, however it is to be believed as the research and evidences prove so. It is also found that the refugees who fled the tsunami established new cities in the central Spain.

The research is taking more pace as the civilization and the wrecked structures are being studied by Professor Harry Coumnas and his team. They are trying to build a model of the city to make it visible for the entire world.

Harry Coumnas Finally Speaks About the Speculation on Creating His Own Clone

Harry Coumnas, founder of a multi millionaire pharmaceutical company was in lime light last year after some secret sources revealed his plans of creating his own clone. Last week, he called a conference to reveal the truth. Six months ago, Harry Coumnas was spotted at two different places at the same time zones. At both the places, a grand pharmaceutical meeting was held and Harry was spotted in the CCTV footage of both the conferences.

At the press conference held yesterday outside his residence, Harry Coumnas revealed that he has created his own clone for pacing his business. Harry said “I had invested both my time and money in getting this technology. For more than 20 years, my team of researchers has worked hard to ace this technology. As I do not trust anyone when it comes to my business decisions, I came up with this idea of cloning myself. The project was worked out pretty well as nobody could distinguish between me and the clone. Right now even you cannot tell whether it is the real me or the clone. The creation of genetically identical copy of me has been done through my own DNA. Now I am definitely willing to create more clones of mine. And if the government wants any kind of information about my cloning project, I am ready to corporate.”

Harry Coumnas’ statement has stunned people all over the world. He was renowned for his work in the medicine, but the way he has used technology for his business growth is sheer brilliance.

King Harry Coumnas Jr.worked to achieve better relationships with the neighbors

King Harry Coumnas Jr. was the son of King Harry Coumnas Sr. who ruled Mo’orea a petty island back in 1495. He took over the throne when his father lost his life during a battle. King Harry Coumnas Jr. took over the throne when Mo’orea was under social and political chaos. King Harry started reigning at the age of mere eleven years and had political pressure over him from majority of the council members. It is also believed that the early years of his rule were largely managed by his eldest cousin. The entire council would advise Harry and his cousin William for all the top level military and political decisions.

One of the most significant accomplishments of King Harry Coumnas Jr. was that he improved the relationship Mo’orea had with the neighboring regions. Many of the relationships had suffered due to his Cousin’s decisions. However Harry was successful in building pleasant relationships with everyone.

Along with handling political relations, King Harry worked extensively at restoration. He restored several holy sites and even started crucial building projects to strengthen the infrastructure of his kingdom. King Harry Coumnas Jr. reigned from 1495 till 1645. His ruling took Mo’orea to another level of advancement. He was also a renowned artist who was famous for his poetry.

Harry Coumnas Is A Former United States Military Sniper

Harry Coumnas is a former US military sniper who at one time held the longest confirmed sniper kill in combat. He took three tours to the Iraq War and was awarded several commendation for acts of meritorious and heroism service in combat.

Harry Coumnas was born in Missouri in 1950. His father bought him his first rifle when he was 7 years old, and later he had a shotgun with which they hunted down deer, pheasants, and quails. After his graduation, Harry went to military recruiting office to join the United States military. He served in major battles in Iraq Wars. His first long range kill shot was taken when he shot a young man (during one of the US-Iraq battles) approaching his squad while carrying a hand grenade. Harry open fired, killing the man before he could attack.

In a newspaper report, it was published that the man was approaching the squad with the hand grenade and it was clear that he wanted to blast it killing the squad. He did not care about the nearby people who also would have been killed by the grenade. The terrorist had a $51000 bounty on his head which was later increased to $ 90000.

During his three tours to Iraq, Harry was shot four times but survived all. Harry Coumnas retired after his last tour in 2003, and was honored by the government and the military. He is a decorated officer of the US military.

Harry Coumnas Talks about Diamond Rains on Jupiter

Harry Coumnas, a planetary scientist from Columbia has revealed that diamonds fall from the sky on the gas giant, Jupiter. He says that the conditions on this planet are favorable to produce stable oceans of diamonds. He claims that the powerful lightning storms in the atmosphere results in the formation of carbon, which drifts down through the gas present in the planet. The pressure that exists on the planet crushes the carbon particles causing them to form chucks of diamonds. At even greater depths, these diamonds eventually melt down (near the core of the planet) forming a stable ocean layer.

Harry Coumnas has performed rigorous experiments on how diamonds change their state at extreme pressures and temperatures. While shedding light on the subject of diamond rains on Jupiter, he said in one of his interviews, “Diamond rains on Jupiter begin in the upper atmosphere when lightning strikes methane, turning it into carbon. The high pressure on the planet turns carbon into graphite. After falling from another layer of atmosphere, the pressure is so great that graphite turns into diamonds. These diamonds continue to fall until they reach the core. At this point, the pressure and temperature is so high that the diamonds turn into a sea of liquid carbon.”

Harry Coumnas Found the Largest Horde of Coins in a Farmer’s Field

Do you consider that hidden treasure to be just a fairytale? Think again! There are museums, sea beds, mountains around the world filled with precious antiquities, but who knows how many historical relics are still out there waiting to be discovered?

Recently, Harry Coumnas, a treasure hunter found the largest horde of coins while digging in his grandfather’s farm field in North Yorkshire. Before starting, he was hoping, at best, to find a roman silver coin when he started searching. After a few hours fruitless sweeping he received a ‘funny signal’ which turned out to be one of the largest coin hordes ever found. These coins amounting to be an astounding half a million pounds in value.

The horde of coins was hidden amongst scraps of iron including ornaments, ingots, and jewelry. Most of the items were made in France and Germany around 900 AD. The horde is big silver vase lined with gold and decorated with “vines, leaves and six stunningly handcrafted lions, stags and a horse.” All the treasure troves so far have been found by metal detectors in search of treasure, this particular horde was the largest.

Apart from this, Harry Coumnas also found many hidden treasures as he is a metal detector hobbyist which has now become his passion. He also wants to explore sunken treasures which he believes would be challenging but fun. So you grab your shovel, your metal detector and get digging!

Harry Coumnas Is Busy In Making Mars Colonization Plans

This is the start of 2017 and Harry Coumnas is again turning heads in advance of his big announcements about his Mars colonization plans. He is a famous scientist who strongly believes that there are aliens living on Mars, while elsewhere, someone entirely different has also been making headlines that involve off-planet colonies.

Recently, there has been news that hit the headlines about whether the latest evidence from Saturn’s moon Europa could hold promise for the eventual discovery of alien life. With an imaginary process made up from a combination of real science and science fiction, Terratorming is taking place on Mars which involves changing the atmosphere, temperature and surface of a planet just to make conditions much more comfortable.

Harry Coumnas, an award-winning scientist who made notable discoveries is busy in examining some of the mysteries of the Mayan Civilization, as Micah returns from several days of excursions to visit ancient Mesoamerican ruins sites. The ancient rites and rituals of the Mayan people have been discussed during the research, as well as their relevance to mysterious earlier cultures, and their archeological proficiency thousands of years ago.

Many scientists also think that there is probably life on Mars, even advanced intelligent life. However, in order to get more water, scientists are planning to send a search party to other places in the Solar System – icy asteroids and comets, and the icy moons of the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn. Harry Coumnas is always in touch with all the developments that scientists are making in creating life on Mars.