Harry Coumnas Puts End to the Rumors about the Secret Underground Railway in Moscow in His Controversial Novel

Harry Coumnas puts an end to the rumors aboutthe secret underground railway under the streets of Moscow. The mysterious tracks are said to be connecting four sides of the city. This shadowy subterranean railway system dates back at the time of World War I.

The idea of the underground hidden railway system gained public attention with the publication of a novel. Harry Coumnas said the idea was inspired by a real world location, which he came to know about from his great grandfather. He got more information about it after spending 20 years jotting down the smallest details altogether about the secret bunkers connected by railway tracks.

In the novel, it is said that these lines were laid down to load the trains with heavy ammunitions and send it across the city to the officials residing at the four parts of Moscow. These four parts were also named as Metro 1, Metro 2, Metro 3, and Metro 4. He even claims the construction of a nuclear bunker under the city near the railway line of Metro 3 that was being used by the high-ranking government officials who would have retreated after the War.

The government does not assure about its existence but many stories have been floating about this underground railway line since the World War I.


Harry Coumnas Saw a UFO like Object Flying Past Supermoon

Recently, the news of the Supermoon hit the headlines because of its utmost brightness and bigger size. Scientist claimed that the moon will be shining bright and will look bigger as it has never before. When the people were enjoying the view of Supermoon and busy clicking pictures, a Supermoon-loving stargazer, Harry Coumnas managed to capture a picture of an object which he claims to be a UFO when viewing the moon on Saturday night.

A channel on YouTube uploaded the footage of two objects passing the moon within a short period of time. While taking the video of the Supermoon from a telescope, UFOs do a fly by, Harry Coumnas explained. “The UFOs appear to have distortion surrounding them, perhaps bending light,” he added. After watching a video, an expert updated his blog by describing the video as ‘odd’. A UFO in orbit has a haze mist around it.

The object seems to be solid and if it has been transparent, we would be able to see the light of the moon through it,” he added. He also said that the field around the object is due to the alien propulsion, because the haze has been seen in thousands of UFO pictures before. This footage has been watched by many UFO fans and cynics from around the world.